House Leveling


The smallest crack in your wall or ceiling could mean the beginning of a huge foundation issue. Allow our experts at Wylie Foundation Repair to evaluate these cracks to determine how serious it might be. If they recognize that there is a problem with your home’s foundation then they will let you know exactly what this might be. They will pay attention to things like the drains backing up, doors or windows not closing correctly, and other signs that could indicate that your house is no longer level. If this is found to be the case then you will require house leveling.

House Leveling - What Is It?

This is just what it says it is, leveling your house. Your home is no longer level and this affects the foundation and subflooring. The way to level your house again is also by leveling the subflooring. After doing this, you can avoid any additional problems with your foundation. This is if you hire us to ensure that the job is done right. Our contractors will quickly level your house so that you do not have to continue to worry about foundation problems. Foundation repairs can be very expensive and we are willing to do our part to help you avoid these problems but you must also do your part by contacting us when there are signs of trouble.

How We Level Your House

Our foundation contractors will begin their process by inspecting your home’s foundation. You aren’t charged anything to evaluate the foundation and find out whether there is an issue with your foundation or not. Our evaluation will enable us to perform the job of making the needed repairs but we simply will not be able to make the needed repairs without one. It also enables us to tell you exactly what the problem is and how we plan to resolve it. This is the process that our experts use to handle your house leveling:

  1. First off, you’ll receive a report that lets you know what was found during our evaluation. We want you to know the cause of your problem so that you can decide if and when you will have the problem addressed.
  2. We’ll design a plan, within your budget, to address the problem of leveling your house. After we have performed the job, we will follow-up to make sure it is in good condition and that no further repairs are needed.
  3. Finally, we will perform a cost analysis after reviewing the plan that we have designed to resolve your house leveling needs. This is broken down so that you can determine how and if you will allow us to make the needed repairs.

Hiring a Professional Foundation Service

A professional foundation repair service is sure to have someone with the expertise needed to effectively assist with your foundation repair needs. Hiring someone without the proven expertise to handle your house leveling could prove vein and result in the loss of your money. Avoid this by relying on our professional foundation services at Wylie Foundation Repair.


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