Mudjacking Services


If you have identified a shifting walkway or driveway, cracked concrete, cracked slab, a patio that is starting to separate from the home or holes in your sidewalk or driveway, it may be necessary for you to have mud jacking performed. This is something that we perform regularly at Wylie Foundation Repair. When the soil starts to become compacted then it will begin to cause foundation related issues. This is when you’ll start to see the problems that were mentioned above. However, mud jacking seems to be an effective solution for these problems. Rely on our professional foundation repair contractors to help with your service needs.

Effective Mud Jacking Services

There are void under your walkway, parking lot and driveway. If the voids are not filled in they will start to experience problems with the way that the soil is distributed. This is when it may be necessary for a reputable and reliable foundation repair service to come in and assess the situation. At Wylie Foundation Repair, we can address your foundation issue with our mud jacking service. This is where they will apply grout into the voids to fill them. It proves effective in stabilizing the foundation. We only work with qualified, experts with mud jacking experience to handle this type of work for our customers.

Further Mud Jacking Uses

When cracks are identified they need to be addressed as quickly as possible and we are happy to do this for you, as we have professional foundation repair contractors to do this for you. They will inject polyurethane or grout in between the voids. The process of mud jacking offers durability and is effective in repairing concrete related issues. It is the preferred method for filling voids because it doesn’t leave a mess for anyone to clean up after the work has been done.

Reputable and Reliable Mud Jacking Services

The best way for you to deal with a problem with your foundation is to make sure you can have the problem that you are experiencing handled as quickly as possible. This is easy to do because we are only a phone call away. The reason our mud jacking services are preferred is that we consistently offer the most reliable mud jacking services in Wylie, TX. With the quality of services that our customers receive, they usually go on to recommend our services to others. When you want reliable mud jacking services, you have come to the right place.

Hiring Wylie Foundation Repair

Wylie Foundation Repair is ready and willing to handle your mud jacking service needs. With a team of well-qualified foundation repair professionals attending to your service needs, you have nothing to worry about. Before our contractor makes any decisions about what they will do, they will consult with you about the problem and the solution. They will help you make the best decision based on their findings. With their help, you’ll be able to make a well-informed decision and receive the results that you deserve.


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